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Sr. Day Locker Decor

Senior Parents:

Please consider helping with Senior Day Locker Decor on October 27 5:45PM!

If you cannot make it, please make arrangements to get your player posters to another Senior Parent.

I  have some extra supplies to help with the posters! This is an optional activity and we want to make sure this is on your radar if this is of interest to you !

Amy Vaughn

Mother Son Dance

  1. Please plan on meeting at the practice facilities for dance practices. We will meet immediately after football their practice. 
  2. For the Sr. pep rally performance, please plan on wearing your senior mom jersey or a navy Allen jersey/ tee shirt with jeans.
  3. We will be taking a  group mom/ son pic after the performance on Senior Day!
  4. We will be including the trainers and their moms in the dance.
  5. Video posted for mom who can't get to practice. 
  6. Superstar Moms…if you all want to do extra, do it!!! We can mix it in at the beginning and end! 
  7. Moms with injured players- please still participate!! We can do some special stuff with you all!! 
  8. PLEASE reach out to your senior football moms that were not able to make it!!! 
  9. If there is something special you all have in mind, just text! I want to make sure this is special for each of you!!

Sonal Ellison